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I’ve installed a premade integration. Why can’t I see any stats?

Depending on the platform, they can take several hours to display collected data. If you’ve waited and still don’t see anything, you can check if the tag is firing.

To check if tracking is working, please use the platform’s pixel helper or tag assistant Chrome extension. They can be found here:

If your tag is firing and there are still no conversions, there may not be any conversions or the users may have been using an ad blocker.

Another analytics service is reporting different conversions. Why is that?

There are several reasons why this could happen:

  • The attribution method may be different. One platform may have a conversion window of 30 days while another may have one that’s 90 days. This will impact reporting. Additionally, some platforms have last-click attribution while others use first-click.
  • Ad blockers block almost every conversion tag from firing. A portion of your visitors are probably using ad blockers which can skew the conversion count.
  • Another service reporting conversions may be combining organic and paid conversions. Your platform’s dashboard will only show paid conversions.

Do I need to remove previous tag or pixel code from my website?

Yes, this should be done to prevent inaccurate tracking. If you’re not sure how to remove your old tag code, email and we can get that fixed for you!

I’d like to uninstall Civil Pixels. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes, head over to the Civil Pixels dashboard from your Shopify dashboard. On the front page, scroll down to the bottom. Click the link labeled Purge Theme to remove all Civil Pixels code from your current theme.

Once this is done, feel free to remove the app from your store. If you change your mind, just click Publish to reinstall the Civil Pixels code on your current theme.

This will remove Civil Pixels code from your theme. Forget to do this before removing the app? No problem. Contact and we can get that sorted out for you.

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