How To Make A Custom Script

You have a script or tag that you want to add to your site. We can help! You can add that script anywhere in your site with the Civil Pixels custom script editor. Add A New Script To start, go to your Civil Pixels dashboard from the Shopify dashboard. In […]

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve installed a premade integration. Why can’t I see any stats? Depending on the platform, they can take several hours to display collected data. If you’ve waited and still don’t see anything, you can check if the tag is firing. To check if tracking is working, please use the platform’s […]

How to Use Civil Pixel Variables

When adding your own scripts, you can access your shop’s data with simple Civil Pixels variables. Civil Pixels variables are global variables that store information about your shop. They allow you to easily add information like cart items, order information and user data to your scripts in Civil Pixels. Here’s […]

Getting Started – Twitter Conversion Tag

Let’s track your conversions for Twitter Ads! Civil Pixels will track the necessary events to see which ads actually make you money and to let you retarget. You can see a list of all the events and event data our Twitter integration provides in our Twitter conversion events article. Step […]

Getting Started – Snapchat Pixel

Let’s track your conversions for Snapchat! Civil Pixels will track all your important events for your Snapchat pixels. You can see a list of all the events and event data our Snapchat integration provides in our Snapchat pixel events article.   Step 1: Start the integration setup We’ll start off […]

How to Retarget With Your Facebook Pixel

You’ve installed the Facebook Pixel with Civil Pixels and want to get the most out of it. We can do that with retargeting! Retargeting or remarketing is an advertising technique where we show your ads to customers that performed a certain action on your site. For example, we can show […]

How to View Your Facebook Pixel Conversions

Alright, you’ve followed our Facebook Pixel getting started guide and want to see your conversions. Before we start, make sure: You’ve installed the Facebook Pixel from Civil Pixels. Not sure how? Here’s the installation guide. You selected the same pixel you used during installation when creating your ad. Here’s how […]

Getting Started – Google Ads (Adwords) Tag

Let’s get your Google Ads tracking going! Civil Pixels can track Add to Cart and Purchases for your AdWords tag. You can see a list of all the events and event data our Google integration provides in our Google Ads events article.   Step 1: Start the integration setup Head […]

Google Ads (Adwords) Event Data

The Civil Pixel Google Ads (Adwords) Tag passes one conversion event – the purchase event. If you’ve edited your integration scripts, your events and event data may be different. Not sure how to use it? Check out our guide on audience creation. Purchase It passes the following event data: ‘value’: […]