The Complete List of Twitter Conversion Events & Event Data

Here’s a list of ALL the events and event data available for audience creation through Civil Pixel’s Twitter Tag integration. If you’ve edited your integration scripts, your events and event data may be different.

The Twitter Universal Tag is also installed on your store. You can make audiences using any URL through the Twitter dashboard.

Table of Events


This event is fired when any page is viewed.

It passes no data.


Fires when a visitor adds an item to their cart.

It passes the following event data:

  • ‘tw_sale_amount’: Price of added item
  • ‘tw_order_quantity’: Number of items added.


Fires on the thank you page after checkout. Fires once per order.

It passes the following event data:

  • ‘tw_sale_amount’: Subtotal Price, before tax.
  • ‘tw_order_quantity’: Number of items in the order.

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